Supplier Relationship Management: Benefits & Importance

supplier management

As supply chains become more complex, the drive to lower prices means that margins are less. Businesses are shifting to supplier relationship management (SRM) as a structured and systematic method for procuring the goods and services they require to preserve profitability and achieve success. In fact, numerous companies of all sizes in various sectors have […]

AI Procurement: What Is It & How Does It Work?

AI procurement

Many companies across different industries use ML & AI ever more every day. Procurement is no exception. Today, companies utilize AI procurement to monitor supplier performance in real-time, identify risks, classify spending, and automate routine tasks such as invoice processing. However, there are many players on the market that don’t know what AI procurement is […]

Near Future Supply Chain Technology Trends

Near Future Supply Chain Technology Trends

Investment in supply chain technologies has risen dramatically due to the rising global need for autonomous solutions. In 2022, businesses have begun to utilize technology-driven models throughout their operations to properly equip for supply chain management risks. Pay attention to these supply chain technology trends in 2022 and beyond to improve your company’s productivity and […]

Source to Cash Process in Procurement: Essentials to Know

Source to Cash Process in Procurement

In today’s tech-driven market, with tremendous pressure from the competition, all businesses, small or large, need to use whatever trick they have up in their sleeves to boost profits and streamline their operation. However, for many, the challenge comes when they don’t have a basic understanding of different processes and techniques that can help improve […]

What is Procurement eMarketplace? Why and how is it implemented?

what is procurement eMarketplace

Today, using an eMarketplace is a popular option for any legislative or business procurement. The advancement of data innovation is currently happening at such a rapid pace that the state and companies should note. Procurement eMarketplace entry permits users to get all critical data on one site, participate in digital exchanging, and quickly move or […]

5 Most Common Procurement Mistakes & Ways to Avoid Them

5 Most Common Procurement Mistakes & Ways to Avoid Them

Common procurement mistakes can quickly escalate into procurement nightmares. Operating with an ineffective system will result in too many joint procurement and purchase issues. Fortunately, the most typical procurement mistakes have clear and simple fixes. We’ve listed five of those procurement mistakes in this article and shown you how to avoid them. Photo by Kenny […]

Why Technology is Vital For Procurement?

why procurement needs technology

Regardless of the size of the company, procurement is a critical component. The procurement process involves coordinating vendors, documents, and finances, among other things. The entire procedure may appear simple, but it is not. It’s a complicated procedure with plenty of opportunities for inefficiencies to arise. Technology and automation can make handling the purchase process […]

Things to Look for in eSourcing Software

Things to Look for in eSourcing Software

Every competitive business in 2022 will need to cut costs. But, with the growing complexity of supply chains and procurement processes, businesses in the digital age struggle to maintain enough control over their sourcing strategy that can help them drive down costs. The arrival of e-sourcing software has changed the game. By finding and using […]

How to Choose an eProcurement Service Provider?

How to Choose an eProcurement Service Provider?

Procurement has become such an essential part of every business that it requires its own team and strategies. Inevitably, many SMEs are trying to keep up with the market’s ever-changing expectations and dynamics. In addition, they turn to independent, third-party companies that are known as procurement service providers (PSP). You can hire these companies in […]