What is penny source-to-pay?

penny source to pay software is for Sourcing,
Purchasing and Vendor Management

Source to pay,
& everything in between.

Who can
use penny source to pay software?

Medium & large organisations

in procurement spend

Necessary features for
easy, efficient &
seamless sourcing

penny source to pay software

Purchase Requisition (PR)

  1. Upload bulk items by drag and drop
  2. Prioritise your purchase request
  3. Generate request report
  4. Add items manually
  5. Add items from public catalog

Approval Workflow

  1. Customisable workflow
  2. Add remarks to your approval & rejection
  3. Return and close request configuration
  4. Different workflows for different workspaces
  5. Add multiple levels of approvers

Sourcing (RFQ, RFP, RFI)

  1. Send rfx to multiple vendors in a click
  2. Automatically gather organise, compare and analyse quotation/proposals
  3. Find the best offer in value-basket
  4. Get saving summary
  5. Assign review committee

Purchase Order (PO)

  1. Send PO in vendor currency
  2. Add your terms and conditions
  3. Create contract from approved offers
  4. Order from your contract
  5. Add an expense account for budgets

Good Received Note (GRN)

  1. Create multiple GRNs
  2. Control the receiving quantity
  3. Close the GRN anytime and generate bills
  4. See timeline of all your GRNs track deliveries


  1. Create Pro-forma bills
  2. Upload / attach invoices
  3. Print bills with and without approval
  4. Combine multiple GRNs in one bill
  5. Set your bill preferences


  1. Record your payment transactions
  2. Combine multiple bills and make one payment
  3. See all your payments in timeline

Catalog Management

  1. Customise catalogs as per your needs
  2. Associate users to the catalogs
  3. Create categories and sub-categories
  4. Bulk import and export items

Vendor & Contract Management

  1. Bulk upload vendors in one click
  2. Create vendor registration form
  3. Invite vendors


  1. Create multiple workspaces
  2. Define your approval workflow
  3. Specify the budget for the workspace

ERP Integration

  1. Integrate your ERP system with Penny software
  2. Keep your current ERP or accounting system
  3. Maintain the work process with no interruption

Enterprise Customisation

  1. Achieve the company requirements
  2. Customise procurement system for your organization needs
  3. Tailor software to your needs

Need more clarity
on penny source to pay software features?

We help you unlock
better Sourcing and Spend Management

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