Purchase, Sell & Markup made easy.

Automate trade, minimize cost and maximize profits

Sell & Markup made easy.

Digitize your sourcing and maximise your savings

What is Reseller?

Procurement as a service platform for traders, resellers
and procurement service providers

Who can use Reseller?

Group Purchase organization

Distributors and Resellers

Procurement as a shared service

Reseller Platform Features

Private Label

  1. Customise the branding to match your organization’s identity.
  2. Tailored emails containing your logo and colour scheme.
  3. Use your domain

Manage Clients

  1. Centralized system or portal for your client’s information.
  2. Access control for your client’s usage.
  3. Track client’s interactions

Manage Vendors

  1. Invite vendors to register.
  2. Authorize and control vendors.
  3. Track vendors interactions.
  4. Bulk operations for vendors.

Private Catalogs

  1. Set up your products/ services
  2. Organize by categories and catalogs.
  3. Add Technical specifications, taxes and prices.
  4. Control Catalog users and clients.
  5. Bulk Import & Export.

Receive and Issue Purchase Orders

  1. Review Orders.
  2. Communicate with your vendors and clients.
  3. Order timelines.

Manage Prices by Catalogs or Clients

  1. Upload bulk items by drag and drop
  2. Prioritise your purchase request
  3. Generate request report
  4. Add items manually
  5. Add items from public catalog

Send RFQs to Vendors

  1.  Source from multiple vendors.
  2.  Control RFQ parameters.
  3.  Answer RFQ enquires.
  4.  Negotiate and compare offers.

Manage Markups and Commissions

  1. Set mark-ups as fixed or percentages.
  2. Specify marks-up by client, category or catalog.
  3. Prioritize your markups.

Manage Received Note and Delivery Notes

  1. Ship your products partially or at once
  2. Print out your delivery notes.
  3. Add set up instructions.
  4. View your order’s timeline.

Receive Bills and Generate Invoices

  1. Send your Bills & invoices.
  2. Upload and attach documents.
  3. Quickly identify pending Bills & invoices.
  4. Revise and communicate with clients.
  5. Validate your invoices through ZATKA
    confirmed as optional offering.

Receive and Issue Purchase Orders

  1.  Issue vendor orders and accept client orders.
  2. Track orders made by clients.
  3. Send POs in your vendors currency.
  4. Add terms & conditions.
  5. Track order expenditure based on budget.

Manage Payments

  1. Track payments to vendors and
    sent by clients.
  2. Identify pending payments
  3. Verify transactions.
  4. Generate financial summaries.

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