5 Practical Ways to Create a Successful Procurement Experience

5 Practical Ways to Create a Successful Procurement Experience

Procurement is not limited to buying goods and services. At its core, a procurement expert’s job is to ensure that operations run with minimum hurdles throughout the year. This involves defining requirements, market analysis, rating vendors, negotiating deals, and controlling risks. 

For many, achieving such objectives may be a struggle because they don’t know how to create a Successful procurement experience. To help with that issue, we’ve listed five ways right here in this article. 

5 Practical Ways to Create a Successful Procurement Experience

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1. Manage Costs

99.9% of organizations wish to minimize costs without affecting their profitability. That is the ideal scenario for every business, and cost management is a critical component of procuring goods and managing supply chains.

Procurement professionals regularly help lower their company’s expenses and operational hazards by finding the right vendors. However, it often takes a lot of time and money to gather accurate data and insight on different suppliers, which can give you a clear picture of the risks and opportunities.

2. Improve innovation

Procurement experts have a crucial position in a company. As the people in charge of selecting suppliers, their decisions determine the type of supply chain. Procurement teams may continually put their firm in a more competitive position by selecting suppliers that add value and promote innovation. 

Choose vendors who employ the most up-to-date hardware, technology, and processes to support the changes you like to see.

3. Use Accurate Data

Making decisions based on accurate supply chain data is quite different from collecting a lot of data with no measurable output. When it comes to a complicated supply chain that includes product design, development, packaging, shipping, sales, planning, and more, proper use of data provides insights that increase profitability and efficiency.

This will be hard if you have a stack of complicated, poorly validated data. It may appear that you spend your days studying numbers rather than understanding how your supply chain works.

4. Advance Your Position in New Markets

You can sometimes find the best opportunities for value growth outside your existing markets and supply chains. Untapped markets are usually brimming with enthusiastic businesses trying to innovate and expand quickly.

However, venturing into the unknown requires much investigation, expertise, and assurance. You need procurement professionals who can easily locate, appraise, and contact vendors with proven market experience. They can help you make informed selections about suppliers, regardless of their location.

5. Manage CSR compliance

It’s not possible to understate the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business. If a company fails to comply with a CSR area due to its operation and supply chain, its reputation will likely suffer an irreversible blow.

That’s why procurement experts must use a thorough pre-qualification process. It’s not all about making enquiries; it’s also about conducting inspections as needed. Using an intelligent strategy to gather and validate supplier information helps the company make faster, better-informed decisions. 

Bottom Line

Now, you know the necessary steps to create a successful procurement experience. But, if you still need more, you can always use a procurement solution to lower your costs, manage CSR compliance, gain reliable data, and boost innovation.

You can leave the heavy lifting to us at Penny because we offer a wide range of procurement solutions that can do all of the above and more. So, contact us and let’s get started. 



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Penny is a cloud-based Procure-To-Pay system. penny helps you digitize and manage your full procurement cycle from request to approval. Manage RFQs to vendors, compare quotations, send POs and even payment. penny was designed to make things easy and consolidate all of your organization’s spending needs into one intelligent system.

  • Allocate, manage and monitor budgets by expense accounts, projects, departments, location, teams..etc 
  • Streamlining procurement means requests, approvals, and POs won’t be lost in emails or offline.  
  • History and records of requests and purchases can be extracted and tracked easily via the platform. 
  • Product requests are more accurate through the catalog, and hence avoid purchasing mistakes.
  • Reports and analysis can be extracted from the platform, giving you a consolidated data center for all your procurement activities.
  • penny is cloud-based and an easy to use platform. The action-board gives your team a user-friendly and simple experience.

Yes, penny is designed to handle complex procurement operations. We make EVERYTHING simple. Via the contract management feature, you can set the terms and conditions of your contract, and the system will recognize the products and the vendors of your request and match it with specified terms of your contract. Easy.

Putting you in control of your spending is integral to our mission. penny allows you to create Expense Accounts that match your P&L, and assign budgets to them. For example, you can assign $X for your “Travel Budget” and reflect on the budget before approving a travel request. In addition, penny allows you to set budgets for cost centers like projects, departments, locations, and so much more. With penny, you can extract reports and view your spend per Expense Accounts or cost center.

Yes. If your product search finds no results, you can submit a non-standard request.

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