To bring efficiency through innovations and empower organizations around the world.

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To be the global business platform rebuilding and simplifying trade.

Meet the Pennians

"I never understood why B2B platforms have to be dull and complicated. With all the exposure we have nowadays to consumers apps, B2B platforms seem to be stuck decades back. At penny, we believe in simplicity, design, and excellence. In short, we chase excellence and vow to raise the bar high to truly empower organizations around the world. With state-of-the-art technologies and world-class industry experts, penny is here to set new standards in procurement and spending-management.”

"Companies offering digital solutions to other businesses may not necessarily introduce the next iPhone or social media platform. Creating software products for business-matter experts requires different mindsets and technology tools to make daily business transactions loved. As a young, experienced and passionate organization, we’re the product of an ambitious generation striving to improve our communities and the world around us. Dreamers, maybe, but we’re committed to continuously explore, innovate, and employ the latest technologies to make your working experience simple, efficient and, most importantly, fun."

Mohamad Ibrahim CTO - Penny Software

“After years of experience on the supply side of procurement, I have realized that digitalization and data-driven procurement is the future of the industry. Nowadays, companies across all industries try to become more efficient in saving their resources. At penny we empower corporate and SMEs to make intelligent decisions, but also to make sure we provide a fair and transparent experience for both suppliers and procurement professionals. Connecting the best solutions and products to corporate needs is really what we’re all about.”

"The world that we’re in now, software products plays a key role in businesses, corporates, and our lives in everything we do. And at the core of solving big problems and fundamental challenges is the ability to use software products to attack the problem and simplify it. At penny, we go to work thinking ‘what do we do to make our product simpler and easy to use?’ Because if we make our product simpler and easy to use, then we can make all businesses and companies that depend on our product simplify their daily challenges”

Our Investors

wamba capital
Class 5 Global
eprocurement solutions
Joel Ayala - Class 5 Global

“As consumer spending continues to drastically move online, we believe the same innovation will happen in procurement. Class 5 is proud to back penny to simplify trade and spending in the region and beyond.”

- Joel Ayala.
Class 5 Global
Class 5 Global
Fadi Ghandour - Wamba Capital

“Wamda is an early stage investor, we invest in great entrepreneurs that are building innovative startups that solve real-world problems, that is why we have invested in penny.”

- Fadi Ghandour.
Wamda Capital