Saving Big in The Freight Business with Digital Procurement.

Almoayyed and Penny

Established in 1940 with a single shop selling everyday items, YK Almoayyed has grown into one of the most successful and fully diversified commercial organizations in the GCC, with operations across the region. Employing over 8,000 people, the company delivers products and services in key industry sectors, including automotive, construction, heavy equipment, electronics, home appliances, […]

Take Control of your Spending

Spend Analysis

Spending, spending, spending. That is all many businesses seem to do and their commercial success will depend heavily on how they manage their operational spending and procurement process. Subsequently, it is essential to take control of spending and to have visibility. Otherwise, you’ll lose track of what you have spent money on, who you have […]

Making your Cost Efficiencies Effective

Effective Cost-Efficiencies

We all work hard to give our businesses the best chance of achieving commercial success by generating as much revenue as we can to increase our company’s bottom line. But it’s not just growing revenues that can give your bottom line an uplift. Driving cost efficiencies through your business by decreasing procurement costs, changing products, […]

Procurement vs Purchasing: Don’t get the two Ps mixed up

Procurement vs Purchasing

Two of the most common words beginning with P in the business world are often used interchangeably, and it’s easy to see why. The terms procurement and purchasing are both often associated with buying supplies or materials, and so sometimes, the detail gets lost. The difference goes beyond simply sharing the letter P – and […]

Say Goodbye to The Spot Buy

Goodbye to the Spot Buy

Unplanned, unbudgeted, and uncontrolled spot buy can have all the appearance of harmless ad-hoc expenses – and the hallmarks of a disaster waiting to happen. Many companies – particularly those that are young and need to respond quickly to events – rely on being able to make small spot purchases. Spot buy can be necessary […]

Get a Grip on Tail Spend and Get a Grip on Costs

For less formal procurement functions, tail spend – or ‘indirect spend’ – can become a long-term problem that is hard to identify. But what is tail spend, and how can it be tackled? With economic headwinds, soaring inflation, and far-flung geopolitical conflict, 2023 promises to be a year of great uncertainty for the global economy. […]